How to Lower High Cholesterol The Natural Way


Are you depending too much on modern-day drugs to lower your high cholesterol? Are you tired of side effects associated with these drugs? Are you interested in knowing the alternatives to Western medicine? The following can lower high cholesterol without depending too much on modern-day drugs. It is not FDA-approved nor clinically proven. But it is an alternative to Western medicine. Therefore, if you choose to lower high cholesterol the natural way, you are doing it at your own risk.

This story about how to lower high cholesterol is based on my own experience. My parents used to have high cholesterol, and they had heart problems as a result. Therefore, when my doctor told me I had high cholesterol, I was not surprised at all. I was kind of anticipated that. However, I needed to do something to lower my high cholesterol. Where I came from, Western medicines were too expensive, and poor families like mine could not afford to buy them. So we relied on something else to lower our high cholesterol. We did it the natural way. For years, my family and I have been relying on orange roughy fish and green apples to lower our high cholesterol. My cholesterol levels remain significantly low, and I have no cholesterol-related health problems. Thanks to orange roughy fish and green apples.

The following are the instructions on how to lower your high cholesterol. Orange roughy fish are available at local supermarkets such as Albertsons and Save-Mart. Buy 1 lb of orange roughy fish and a green apple. Steam or broil the orange roughy fish. For additional flavor, add a little salt, black pepper, sugar and some lemon juice. After the meal, wash everything down with a green apple. You have to eat the orange roughy fish and green apple once a week until you get a reduction of cholesterol. After lowering your high cholesterol to a normal level, you have to eat these things once every two months.

Reminder: You are doing this at your own risk. The owner of this story is not responsible (or accountable) for your action. Eating orange roughy fish is known to lower high cholesterol. But it is not clinically proven or FDA-approved.