How to Lose Weight While Battling Depression

As if depression is not already a hard enough condition to cope with then the pounds start packing on as a result of the depression. Battling depression is tough enough but battling your weight at the same time can really add to the stress.

Sometimes when a person realizes that they are depressed it can cause a chain reaction within their body. Lack of sleep, severe headaches, loss of energy, sadness, weight gain, are only a few of the reactions some have.

Weight gain is a big one due to the fact that many people are more concerned about how they look than anything else. If you have packed on the pounds it does not help with your self-image, therefore it can make you even more depressed.

If you have gained weight due to depression you need to figure out a way to lose weight while battling depression. Find a good program, have your doctor approve it if you feel the need, and start getting yourself back in shape.

As you may or may not know serotonin is a chemical in our brain which contributes to our happiness and thankfully we can get this from everyday foods. Make sure that when you decide on a healthy diet program that it is one that has the good carbohydrates such as oats, whole wheat breads, beans and whole grain rice. They can and will help with your serotonin levels.

Struggling with how to lose weight while battling depression does not have to keep dragging you down. Eating right and exercising is an important part of not only battling depression but also helping with the weight gain. Staying active is a great way to stay healthy and happy!