How to Look Cute for a Guy? 7 Do's and Do not You Should Follow Before You Harm Your Chances

Some guys are not very particular about the way a girl looks while others insist that their girl looks cute. Some are more inclined to have a cerebral girl as a girlfriend while the more demanding ones want their girls to be both cute and cerebral. Whatever your boyfriends preferences it does not take much to look cute and here are some dos and don'ts that you need to bear in mind.

Never dress like a Christmas tree
Too many necklaces, and big earrings along with nose, ears and body piercing will make you look like a Christmas tree and that is definitely not cute. A simple pearl necklace that will go with your dress is enough to enhance your look. Avoid too many accessories that are bright or fluorescent in color.

Do not try to be a diva
A cute girl is definitely not a diva. Change your attitude and be confident yet approachable. This will ensure you look cute. A diva like appearance and attitude will intimidate your guy and he will start avoiding you.

Make up or the lack of it
Light makeup is the best no matter what your complexion. Nude lipstick gives the impression of having moist and inviting lips. Avoid heavy foundation and other stuff that is too bright. Sometimes even no makeup gives you that cute girl next door look.

Natural hair
Hair extensions, streaks and unnatural colors do not make you look cute. Instead wear your natural hair color and do not try to change the texture of your hair. Manageable and contemporary hairstyle is what you should have to look cute.

Body odor
Use light perfume and make it point to have a signature perfume that is exclusively yours. Do not smell like a perfume counter. Always carry a deodorant and body odor masking products in your handbag and use them throughout the day.

Confident walk
Walk with a spring in your step. Wear high heels only if you are comfortable in them otherwise go for moderate heel height. Choose your dress shoes carefully so that they do not affect your gait. When you walk confidently with your head held high you definitely look cute.

Body language
Have an open body language. Your body language tells your state of mind. Do not fiddle with the hemline of your dress or play nervously with your hair. The way you sit, talk and the way you laugh all convey your state of mind and you have to make sure you do not give negative signals.