How to Layer Your Perfume For a Long-lasting Scent

There is a little known technique to layering your fragrance so that it lasts all day. It works for a woman's perfume or a man's cologne. We all want to be confident and smelling good is a big boost. Just a spritz of perfume on a woman's neck and already we feel special.

The trick to it is using products in the same scent category and layering the scent throughout your clothing as well. I love when a guy wears cologne and you can still smell it in the air after they leave the room.

These instructions are rather generalized and can be used for a man or a woman, just adjust the placing of the perfume on the different body parts. This trick was actually taught to me by a guy, so I have to give him credit for it. Robert, thank you! I learned a valuable lesson in this. I would put my perfume on in the morning, in the way that we are used to doing it, a little on the neck, wrists and cleavage. And by midday it's all gone. I would have to reapply it then worry that I had put on too much and would offend someone. Once you have too much on there's not much you can do to correct it except wash it off and start over. So to avoid having to do that, here's a few tips for that special night out or social gathering:

The first part of this process is to buy and use bath products in the same family as your cologne. Whatever cologne or perfume you use, buy the bath or shower gel, body lotion, or aftershave lotion in the same scent. After you shower, dry off lightly leaving your skin still slightly damp. Slather on the scented body lotion (or men's equivalent product) it will soak in pretty quickly. You should have two layers of fragrance on now, the shower gel and body lotion.

Take your perfume or cologne and spritz on your pulse points, wrists, sides of neck, back of knees for women, hollow of the collar bone, back of the neck at the base of the skull, cleavage, and anywhere else you like to wear it. Take your shirt or blouse and turn it inside out, and lightly spray it. Let it dry for several minutes and turn right side out and spray that side too. Let dry again. Now when you put on your shirt you'll smell good without being overpowering by freshly sprayed cologne. And the scent should last all day. Ladies can use this same technique on lingerie as well. Just be careful depending on what the garment is made of. Some kinds of materials can be stained by a darkly colored perfume.