How to Last Longer During Sex – 2 Quick and Easy SEXPERT Strategies for Sensational Stamina

Who else wants to last longer during sex? Are you sick and tired of being a "2 minute man"? Do you worry that your woman is secretly fantasizing about a man who has sensational stamina and staying power? Are you finally ready to master the fine art and science of becoming a super lover and make her scream with delight ….. EVEN if you've never been able to last long enough to please ANY lover before during sexual interval? If you said yes …. the simple truth, is you are NOT alone! As a matter of fact, the # 1 complaint that most men have is the length of time that they are able to "last" during sex …. and not ironically, this is actually the largest complaint that most women have as well!

So what are the best ways to extend your sexual stamina, gain SENSATIONAL staying power and simply last FAR longer during sex than you currently can? I've identified over 12 different ways that ANY man can use to become a sexual STALLION in the sack when it comes to lasting longer. Let's take a look at 3 of them below!

Filed Under: Prioritize Your Pubococcygeus Muscle

If you learn to tone and "toughen" your PC muscle, you'll find you are able to control premature ejaculation in powerful ways that not 1 in 100 men has ever heard! The little known truth is that the Pubococcygeus muscle is responsible for MUCH of your ejaculatory control. And learning to make this muscle more tranquil, through exercise like KEGEL and other "underground" sexual strategies, you can often DOUBLE your stamina without any trouble at all. (the exercise named after the infamous Dr. Kegel who "discovered" many of these techniques many years ago)

Filed Under: Capitalize on Your Refractory Period

What can you do? Very simple! Allow yourself to achieve orgasm first either during sex with your partner …. OR through self gratification on your own. Why? Because the immediate BUMP you'll get in stamina is significant, as any man who has ever employed this approach understands straight away! The simple truth is that you can desensitize the super sensitive nerves in the glans of the penis simply by ejaculating up to 2 hours before sex ….. and last at least TWICE as long as you would if you started sex at maximum sensitivity. (note – many men use this approach even 3 or 4 hours before sex and STILL get amazing improvements in stamina with ease!)

The Bottom Line?

There are TONS of great ways to last longer during sex ….. and EVERY man who wants to, can! Remember …. most women need at LEAST 7 minutes of sexual stimulation to orgasm during intercourse, and if you are not giving it to her, the risk is …. she'll find someone else who will!