How to Know the Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

One of the largest health threats we are facing as a nation today is Diabetes. Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are on the rise. Type 1 is Juvenile sunset Diabetes and Type 2 is what we get as we grow older. Type 2 is the form we see the largest increase of cases. The experts believe it is due to the large problem we are having as a nation with obesity.

Diabetes can not be cured but can be controlled if it is recognized early and the proper medication is prescribed and the patient follows a healthy diet along with exercise. In this article I will familiarize the reader with some of the early warning signs of- Diabetes.

First, a common first sign is frequent urination. The kidneys of diabetics became loaded with glucose and do not work properly. This causes frequent urination.

Second, unquenchable thirst, a person with diabetes that has not been treated tend to feel thirsty all of the time. If you drink a lot of water and can not seem to quench your thirst you should consider having tested for Diabetes.

Three, if you are losing weight and are not trying. If you have not changed your diet or increased your exercise level and are dropping pounds you may want to get yourself tested.

Four, if you ate tired all of the time and feel very fatigued for no special reason and may have one of the other symptoms you may consider having yourself tested.

Fifth, if you have some numbness or tinkling in your extremities this to can be a sign of Diabetes. Untreated Diabetes can cause some nerve damage that will cause these symptoms.

Lastly, if you notice you may have some wounds that are healing more slowly than normal, this can be a sign of Diabetes. You may to check your feet extra carefully. Many times people with Diabetes get sores on their feet and do not even feel them due to numbness.