How to Know If a Man Is Emotionally Connected to You? 7 Signs That Will Confirm His Deep Feelings


If you’re fascinated in keeping your man emotionally connected to you, then it’s vital that you form an emotional bond with him that won’t be broken no matter what sorts of tests come your way. You know that it isn’t enough that you establish a physical connection. You should also work on making him emotionally committed to you:

You connect in different aspects, not just the physical.

A man who is able to relate to you spiritually and mentally will be someone who will stay with you much longer. This is because he’s able to share his feelings and thoughts without feeling shy or awkward about it. So strive to make him feel comfortable in sharing his innermost desires and emotions.

This man trusts you will all of his heart.

Giving you his full trust also means that he truly loves you. This is because he’s willing to have faith in you way before you even prove it. A man who knows how to understand the woman in his life is one who will also be understood in return. He knows this that’s why he has high hopes that your union will be able to withstand the tests of time.

You share like interests.

If your man shares common interests and activities with you, then it’s a clear proof that he’s enjoying your company. You’re definitely connecting at a higher level because you can both hang out and have fun without pretense.

He strives to show intimacy.

Remember that being intimate doesn’t mean having sex all the time. Of course, sex is still a great part of being intimate, but this isn’t the only gesture that confirms his love to you. He’ll also show his love for you by expressing them in words and actions such as hugging and cuddling while watching your favorite TV show together.

He knows that he’s bound to you.

This man is definitely connected to you if he knows that he doesn’t have to look at other women anymore. While all other men have the guts to look at girls while in the company of their girlfriends, your man, on the other hand, knows that his heart belongs to you so there’s no longer any need for spoil.

You’ve got undeniable chemistry.

Since this man is emotionally connected to you, you know that you understand each other even without verbally confirming your feelings to each other. Everyone thinks that you’re a great pair because you jive so well.

He contributes in strengthening your relationship.

Most men would just rely on their partners to do the work. With your man, he’s more than willing to connect with you at a higher level in order to make your relationship flourish. You can actually entrust him with anything because you know that he’ll never let you down.