How to Kill Candida in the Body – Permanent Flora Implantation Discussion

I got a mail requesting for a suggestion on permanent flora implantation. This is also an answer for someone who ask something about how to kill candida in the body. According to him, Primal Defense does not kill Candida, but only olive leaf extract, good organic garlic (purple toned), and other herbal antifungals do. He did the Primal protocol and it removed a lot, but that was it. Primal did not implant nor any other probiotic for that matter. He thinks that the best remedies are kefir, cultured sauerkraut, and Jerusalem artichoke flour with other bifidus probiotic such as or Flora 14 from Again, he thinks that Primal reverses   dysbiosis  though, and he still takes it occasionally.

For me, if the bacteria is viable and the count is there, then all we can do is take it and hope for the best. It is not important to know which one is best or if the product is what they claim. Some say refrigerated probiotics only and other say this is not necessary. I would suggest taking a starter nutrient with the bacteria like blue green algae and see how that works. It is great if the olive leaf works for you, but I spent a lot of money on that stuff without any results.

I ordered it by the case from East Park which is supposed to have the left handed molecule or is it the right handed molecule and took it for over a year, and the only benefit I saw was better looking toe nails. There is one product that I have not mentioned that I got a good response from, which is named Kolorex from Forest Herbs. I think one should use all these different antifungals by alternating and not taking the same thing too long.