How to Kick a Lack of Motivation Forever

When you are motivated, you approach your tasks with energy and enthusiasm. A lack of motivation can make everything seem like hard work. You will feel like your driving force has gone and you just can’t be bothered to do what you need to.

Sometimes you can’t be bothered to do anything at all when you lack motivation. This feeling can hold you back and stop you achieving your best, which in turn lowers your motivation even further.

With a lack of motivation you can often come up with excuses to blame for not getting down to doing what you need to do, but this just increases the problem as you dig yourself deeper into a pit of lethargy.

Why do you suffer from a lack of motivation?

It may be that you lack confidence so you don’t feel that you will do well at something so it is far easier to explain this away to yourself with the excuse that you didn’t try anyway and that if you had tried you would have been fine. A lack off effort is easier to bear in oneself than a lack of ability.

Perhaps it is not ability you lack, or feel you lack; perhaps you don’t have enough interest in the project at hand to really put your full effort into it. Perhaps you don’t perceive the task ahead as very important; many of us would lack motivation to do something which we considered to be pointless or at least that there are far more important things to do.

If there is no incentive for you to do something, then very often you will lack motivation to do something. That could be as simply solved as you needing to look a little deeper into the project to understand it better.

Very few people are just plain lazy for no reason but perhaps that could explain your lack of motivation too. More likely, though, procrastination and putting things off has just become a habit for you. If you are scared about what people might say about your efforts you may lack motivation to complete a task and have it open to scrutiny. If you are stressed or nervous about tackling something, that saps your motivation to begin it.

All of these reasons can lead to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm, bug it is important to recognize that they are only excuses which you make to yourself to stop yourself acting. You can learn to overcome any of these reasons for a lack of motivation if you recognize them within yourself; like with all problems, you need to recognize them before you can change them. Only then can you learn to think differently and re-discover your motivation.

It is much easier to become enthusiastic and motivated again if you are able to decide what is important to you in your life. This can be little things that you enjoy doing every day or it can be long-term plans you have. If something is important to you, it is much easier to maintain the motivation to complete the task.

It may be that you are motivated by extrinsic rewards or by intrinsic satisfaction; you will need to think about what works for you, so that you are receiving some pleasure for getting things done. That is where your motivation lies.