How to Introduce Healthy Food to Your Kids

When obesity in kids is on the rise we need to start from home by introducing to them healthy diet, kids get to know their diet from home and they will get used to healthy food if it is introduced to them early at home. As parents we must expose our kids to different type of food and everything healthy.

It is not easy changing kids eating habits or introducing healthy food to them and this is what I suggest for parents who are interested in improving their kids eating habits.

1- Talk to your kid about health and food. Food and health has to be important topic and a good time to talk about food is during meals and when buying groceries. Preventing our kids from eating unhealthy food without explaining to them the reason is not the way. My daughter likes sports and I always explain to her how healthy diet is good for keeping her fit for sports and it is working.

2- Try different recipes. My daughters do not like eating red meat but when I tried meat balls and burgers they liked it. Sometime it is about how the food is prepared and with extra efforts you will discover that your kid will like certain food if it is prepared differently. If your kid don’t like eating steamed broccoli try to bake them with some cheese, there is no limit to what you can do with food and you can find many recipes on the internet that you can use.

3- Try dry fruits and vegetables. If you are trying to introduce vegetables and fruits to your kid diet you can start with dry fruits and greens if fresh is not appealing to them. When you choose dry fruits make sure it is natural, without coloring agents, preservative and sugar.

4- Let them participate. Allow your kid in the kitchen and let them participate in preparing their meal, you can start with sandwiches.

We should not force our kids eating healthy food with patient they will understand what is healthy for them and it has to be a family issue to eat healthy.