How to Increase Penis Size – 5 Techniques to Help You Increase Blood Flow in Your Penis Now

Men always want to learn on how to increase penis size and get an ideal penis size which makes them sexually fit and psychological happy of being a complete man. Are you tired of broken sexual relationships because you are not good in your bed performance? Penis enlargement can be achieved by some methods stated in the coming paragraphs. These methods or techniques allow high flow of blood in your penis making it erect, long and thick a will increase your penis size naturally.

Why Blood Flow Is Important?

In order to increase Penis size, blood Flow is important because it is the only thing separating your dead and upright states. The general idea behind increasing the blood flow is that the greater blood in the penis makes it longer, erect and thicker. During penis enlargement exercise, you press specific muscles of your penis that widen your chambers allowing high blood flow in your manhood.

5 Techniques Help You Increase Blood Flow in Your Penis

Here are some tips which help you on how to increase penis size.


Jelq is one of the natural methods to increase your penis size which involve stretching of your organ Stretching is an old method to grow organs of the body, for example you can get height and long neck with stretching in particular manner. You can also grow your penis by stretching.


One interesting thing worth mentioning here is that men reflexively do enlarge their manhood to some extent during masturbation by stretching their organ. But it should not be confused that original exercises do different from masturbation.


Market is full of extenders which can increase your penis size. However some extenders have potential risk of screwing your penis. So my suggestion is to avoid the extenders because you can not risk your manhood!


Pumps are widely being used by those men who have erection problems. By fixing pump on the base of your organ will provide it the stability to stand longer in erect position. However this method does not give permanentection.

Male Enhancement Pills:

These pills have such chemical composition which makes blood flow higher in the penis region. Basically there is a conflicting opinion on use of pills as safe or unsafe measure of penis enlargement. However my suggestion is to avoid these pills because FDA has not approved these pills as safe due to presence of potential harmful chemicals.

Which One is Best-My Opinion

I advise you to go for natural penis enlargement exercises which are safe and give permanent penis enlargement. Be consistent in your routine of exercise and do follow good diet plan.

WARNING: This program is EXTREMELY effective , and I highly recommend you stop the program for 48-72 hours if you begin to grow more than an inch in a weeks time.