How To Increase Penis Girth Using The Clamping Method

If you really want to know how to increase penis girth, you have come to the right place. Increasing the length of your penis is important but, it is your girth that fills your woman up and gives her the most pleasure.

You can increase your average girth by using your hands alone with a cable clamp you can purchase from your local hardware store.

Using penis enhancement pills to enhance your average penis girth

As you know there are several types of penis exercises you can do to make your penis longer and thicker if you have an average size girth. There are penis extenders, penis pumps and male enlargement pills.

Yet, one of the best ways to increase your girth is an enlargement exercise along with a penis enhancement product. There are a lot of products like this on the market just make sure you choose a good one.

How to increase penis girth using a simple yet effective technique

If you are willing to follow this exercise for increasing your girth you will notice an increase in thickness within a few months or so. However, even though this method is simple it is still very dangerous if you are new to penis enlargement exercises.

It is recommended for the new guy looking to get a bigger penis to start out with the jelq exercise first. Then after a few months of doing this you can try this exercise.

The first thing you want to do is warm up your penis using a hot towel for at least five minutes. It is very important that you do warm-ups to prevent injuries.

Penis Clamping Procedure:

1. Clamp at base of your penis using either the OK grip or a clamp.

2. Grab your penis shaft with one hand your right or your left, it does not matter.

3. Move your fingers over the CS chamber in a wave-like motion, which moves the blood around in it.

4. Do 10 movements toward the head, then kegel and hold it while you do 10 movements toward your penis base, now switch hands and do this on the other CS chamber.

Now you should do 10 toward the head of your penis and 10 toward the base of your penis together to make one make one rep.

Keep in mind that your hand does not move while doing the penis squeeze, and your fingers don’t slide up or down, one squeeze then the next.

After you finish with this exercise do a warm-down just like you did the warm-ups. You can perform this exercise to increase penis girth for about 5 to 10 minutes a day for 6 months or so.