How To Increase Penis Girth Using 5 Techniques That Will Get You Huge Results


Today you will learn how to increase penis girth using some techniques that may be new to you. You have probably heard about Jelqing and Kegel exercises which helps to increase your penis length and control your ejaculation. But, these exercises are geared to give you thickness.

Here is a list of the penis girth exercises you will be doing:

1. Clamped Horse squeezes

2. Clamped Edging

3. Clamped Jelqing

4. Helishakes

5. Light Jelq

Before you get started with these penis girth enlargement exercises you have to warm up.

It is very important that you get the blood flowing to your penis to improve the blood circulation. You do this to prevent injuries to your manhood. So, what you want to do is warm-up for about 10 to 15 minutes with a hot towel, simply warp it around your penis.

This session will consist of 3 methods for getting a thicker penis. You will do this three times for 10 minutes while resting for two minutes in between them.

Clamped Jelqs is for your penis health and it is the perfect mass producer and it helps to get the blood flowing.

Clamped Horses helps build your thickness to tightly focused areas on your penis and it is a real intense exercise. This is the best penis girth exercise for girth.

Clamped Edging is what you will be doing to enhance everything you have done in the other exercises above and it helps the overall penis growth. This technique will also help your performance in the sack.

Here is the penis girth routine you will be doing:

Do the clamped jelqing exercise one time for 10 minutes and rest.

Do the clamped horses exercise one time for 10 minutes and rest.

Do the clamped edging exercise one time for 10 minutes and rest

After you have completed this you want to do what is called the helishakes. Grab your penis at the base and shake it like a helicopter. This is done to get the blood flowing.

Next, you are going to do the light jelqs. Your penis does not have to be hard because a soft hard on will work. Do this for about two to five minutes and warm down.

You can do these penis girth exercises for two weeks. You need to do them like this; two days on and one day off, this is how to increase penis girth safely. As you get use to this technique there are some more intense exercises you can perform.