How To Increase Penis Girth To Make Her Beg For More

I’m ready to be totally honest with you if you’re ready to hear it. I’m talking about penis girth and just how important it is to make your woman beg you for more, to love you completely and to show her that you’re the best sexual partner that she’s ever had. When women talk about penis size one thing means so much more that anything else, and that thing – plain and simple – is girth. If you have a big girth then you’ll have a woman who adores having sex with you.

Length, of course, is vitally important, but having a big penis girth puts any man with a long and thin penis in the shade (never mind those with short, thin penises!) As we learn more about sex and society becomes more open about it, it is becoming clear that girth is a key factor to her enjoyment. Any woman who’s being truthful, and who’s had sex with a range of penises, will tell you that girth holds the key to unlock pleasure in her that she never knew existed.

So what is penis girth anyway?

Girth is the measurement around your penis, and when you have sizeable girth girls simply can’t get enough! I know because I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum. I’ve been the guy with the 3 incher, who finds it hard to please any woman during intercourse, and I’ve become the guy with the 8.5 inch member, who women always come back to. Girth gives her more pleasure that length and no girth ever will.

So tell me some statistics about girth…

Women were asked, in a confidential survey, about which is more important out of girth and length. The results, to some, were surprising – but to those in the know they just concluded what we knew already. 90% of all women asked rated girth as more important than length. That is a startling statistic if you really think about it. 9 out of 10 women would choose girth over length. There is a perfectly reasonable, scientific explanation for this. Physiologically, during intercourse, the vagina contracts around the penis. The more force used to contract, then the more pleasurable the pleasure! Bigger penises need a bigger contraction, and that’s the reason for the statistic above.

Really? So penis length isn’t important? Explain…

Let’s not jump to conclusions about penis size too quickly. Penis length is vital. Girth is simply more so. A woman’s vagina is only so deep (usually 5 inches or so), so the difference between a 10 inch penis and an 8 inch one (in length) counts for nothing if the girth of both penises is exactly the same. The other reason is because, although the vagina can’t get deeper, it certainly can stretch wider than you’d think (I’m talking babies!)

I’ve heard lots of facts and evidence, but can you put it in terms that a guy could understand?Sure. I can even put it in guy terms on the same sexual level that I’ve put it in girl terms! Would you prefer a vagina which is loose or one which is tight? Any man who has no problems with premature ejaculation will agree that a tighter vagina is preferable. Just as you prefer a tight fit, so does she! You rely on her vagina, she relies on the girth of your penis!

Give me numbers. How do I measure up?

Durex, a predominantly European condom manufacturer, found that the average girth of men is 5.2 inches. About 50 years earlier the Kinsey report told us that the average was 4-5 inches. However, in that study I told you about earlier, women claimed that the best girth size is over 7.5 inches.

I used to have a 3 inch penis in length and girth. After 5 months on a natural penis enlargement program mine grew to over 8 inches in girth and length. With persistence I successfully enlarged my penis. Of all the products out there I consider The Penis Bible to be one of the best.