How To Improve Your Candida Treatment With Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is an ayurvedic medicinal procedure that can be used to complement and improve your Candida treatment. This form of natural Candida treatment is an ancient form of ayurvedic medicine that dates back as far as 300BC and even though there is presently no good scientific evidence supporting its use, there are thousands of testimonies from Candida sufferers that have used this natural cure that attest to its usefulness.

Oil pulling has proven to be a simple but effective compliment to your other major natural Candida cures.

How does oil pulling aid Candida treatment?

-First, oil pulling helps to cure oral thrush

Oral thrush often accompanies systemic Candida overgrowth infection. This type of yeast infection of the mouth is typically characterised by the appearance of patches on the tongue and the inner lining of the mouth.

This natural oil use aids the treatment of oral thrush via two ways:

a-The oil collects and traps the infective yeast cells in the mouth as you swish the oil around in the mouth.

b-The use of plain extra virgin coconut oil to carry out oil pulling which contains caprylic acid actually kills the infective fungal cells in the mouth.

-It helps to eliminate Candida die off symptoms

The toxins released from the destroyed yeast cells during the early stages of the diet treatment of Candida overgrowth can lead to the development of some unpleasant symptoms known as die off symptoms. These symptoms can sometimes discourage some people from continuing their diet change treatment.

Oil pulling helps to “pull” out these toxins and the destroyed yeast cells from the body.

How do you carry out oil pulling?

-First, you have to choose the right oil to use; traditional oils that are used for oil pulling include sesame oil and sunflower oil however, if you are treating Candida overgrowth symptoms it is better that you use extra virgin coconut oil which contains caprylic acid which is a very strong natural anti-fungal agent.

-Brush your teeth early in the morning

-Put one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut into your mouth

-Swish the oil around your mouth and make sure that you push the oil around your mouth; let it get in between your teeth; under your teeth and also let it get across the roof of your mouth.

-Swish the oil in your mouth for fifteen minutes after which the oil would have thinned and turned into a milky coloured liquid. After this, spit out the oil and rinse out your mouth with salt water.

-Make sure you do not swallow the oil because the oil that you have swished around in your mouth will be full of infective yeast cells and their toxins.

-Make sure you eat before you do oil pulling.

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