How to Improve Penis Width, Thickness and Hardness


There are few effective ways of improving penis width, thickness and hardness to gain more confidence in lovemaking act and also to provide maximum pleasure and fun to the female partner. It is medically proven though that even a 2 inch long male organ is capable of giving orgasm to a woman but practically everyone knows that a bigger male organ can take a woman to higher level of excitement which is unforgettable for her. Not only for women, a bigger organ satisfies male’s ego like no other thing can do, man can act and perform as champion in the bed if he is confident.

Male organ gets erect and gain size, length and girth when blood is absorbed by erectile chambers or caper cavernosa, spongy tissues running on both sides of penile shaft, when these tissues are filled with blood they make penis erect, hard, wide and long to penetrate a female and perform lovemaking act. As long as blood is held by these tissues the male organ remains erect and hard but once the blood flows out of these it gets flaccid. So in order to have bigger sex organ a male should improve amount of blood flow to his genitals and capacity of erectile chambers to hold more blood and for longer duration. This can be achieved by clearing the blood carrying vessels, improving hormonal secretion which stimulates the sexual activity in the body and by enlarging the tissues to accommodate more blood. Once this is achieved a male will find that he has improved width, length and hardness of his penis substantially.

The best way of achieving this is through natural methods, as these methods do not show any ill effects and are effective but harmless to over all health. Herbal enlargement pills such as Booster capsules designed for improving width, length and hardness of penis has ingredients which can promote secretion of testosterone hormone in the body, proper secretion of this hormone increases sensation and libido to promote more blood rush towards the genitals. Apart from this they also supplement the body with herbs which can clear the blood vessels and thrust more blood into the tissues to make them expand and grow in size eventually increasing the size of penis.

Herbal oils and creams like Mast Mood oil can also provide similar results and if these are used along with massages then results can be quick and better. The herbal oils and creams have ingredients which can break through the skin barrier and affect the internal organs like erectile tissues and make them expand. Mast Mood oil along with massage improve blood flow and also clear the blood carrying vessels of the male reproductive organ by increasing sensation in the genitals, more blood rush, increases the length, width and hardness of the penis. These herbal oils have herbs which can improve endurance thereby increasing the duration of erection and if more blood is held in the penis for longer duration it pushes its erectile chambers to expand more which increases its hardness, length and width.

Massages shall be done by using proper techniques to affect the right parts of the male organ, jelquing and ballooning are two such techniques which can be very effective along with herbal oils and creams for achieving longer, wider and harder penis.