How To Ignore Your Ex Boyfriend And Make Him Crazy With Desire! Bring Him Back Running

When your boyfriend tells you he wants to breakup, he doesn’t expect you to accept it and just go away. He expects you to do everything possible to get him back. That is why you need to do the opposite of what he expects. There is a way to make your ex crazy with desire for you and bring him back running.

There are two things you should not do after a breakup. One is to withdraw from everyone and everything you love and wallow in pity for yourself. The other is chase after your ex boyfriend and tell him you can’t live without him. So what choice does that leave you? The choice of accepting the breakup and moving on with your life.

Show your ex that if he doesn’t want you, you don’t want him. This is how to ignore your ex boyfriend and make him crazy with desire for you. Stop having any contact with him at all. Spend time with your family and perhaps take up a hobby. You need to keep yourself busy and think of your ex as little as possible. This won’t be easy for you, but it won’t be easy for your ex boyfriend either.

Men have a lot of pride and ego, and when you ignore him and act as if he no longer exists, it will bruise his pride and ego. He won’t be able to let an ex girlfriend ignore him, and he will call you. But, you won’t be available. You have to ignore him and, not take his phone calls or answer his emails or text messages, to make him crazy with desire for you.

Your next step will be to show him why you are not answering his attempts to contact you. Get dressed in your most desirable way and go out with your friends for a night on the town. Be sure to include some great looking guys in your group and stop by your ex boyfriend’s favorite hangout. Make sure he sees you having fun and talking to one of the guys in your group.

Your ex will be stunned to see you and won’t know if one of the guys in your group is your date or not. Ignore your ex boyfriend until you are ready to leave, then give him a big smile and a wave. Seeing you out having fun with other guys will give him a jarring wake up call. He will realize how close he might be to losing you for good and feel how much he misses you.

When a guy breaks up with you, remember that a man always wants what he can’t have. By ignoring him, you become unattainable to him again and that will always drive your ex boyfriend crazy with desire.