How To Identify Shingles Without a Rash

Is it possible to develop shingles without a rash? Yes, but this is a rare case. Shingles is a condition which is manifested by painful rashes or blisters which show on one side of the body. It usually lasts for two weeks and can even be prolonged to a month. Most of the time, the condition shows as pain without a rash, but develop into web-like blisters after days.

The pain associated with shingles can be very mild, but it can also be severe. It can be described as burning, painful and itchy, but without something to scratch or treat on the surface. In a case where the shingles do not have manifestations on the skin, it may be difficult to diagnose and can be mistaken for other diseases. And since shingles happen more on adults aged 60 and above, it can be confused with other diseases which commonly occur among elders.

Shingles without a rash is also known as zoster sine herpete. To deal with shingles without a rash, doctors can administer a blood test to check if the virus has in fact invaded the skin. Scrapings from other wounds can also be used to see if the virus has affected the body.

If you experience pain on your chest or on your back, you could have developed shingles instead of other illnesses such as heart ailments or simple back aches. It is best to seek medical attention before the virus spreads to the body and cause extreme discomfort.

Another characteristic of the pain is that it is very sensitive and feels more like it is occurring in a band instead of on a larger area. It commonly develops on the chest, the trunk near the waist, the neck, the face, or on either the arm or the thigh. The sensitive pain is coupled by discomfort which can be caused by a burning sensation or itchiness. This is caused by the virus being in the nerves instead of only on the skin.

As soon as you develop the pains which are similar to those described above, see your doctor and ask for advice. You may be given tests which may confirm that you in fact have developed shingles. There are medicines which can prevent the virus from further spreading to your body, and so that the ain will be lessened.