How to Help Improve the Recovery of Your Sprained Ankle

There are many times in your life that you may experience the discomfort as a light sprain. Whether you are playing basketball with your friends or dancing an untrained sprain can delay your pain and make your sports harder. Therefore in this article we hope to share more information on how you can help heal any light sprains you might have. The most important thing you can remember is old saying RICE. This saying stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation.

In the first step you will need to rest your foot. It is important to try and take any weight you have off your foot so that it can begin the healing process. Next you will want to ice your ankle or sprained foot. This will prevent any extra swelling that might affect your healing process. You will also notice that it feels a lot better to have an ice pack on. I would recommend simply using a bag of ice wrapped in a cloth over any other icing methods. I have tried ice packs that become instantly cold upon rupture but have always been disappointed. The old traditional ice and a bag are also far more inexpensive. However, if you are camping or away from a place you can get ice you will want to use one of the instant cold packs.

Next you will want to use compression. If you sprained your foot in a shoe be sure to leave it on for a short while so that you can further compress the sprain. The last step in the RICE process is elevation; although this step can be one of the most uncomfortable it is vital. Be sure to elevate your foot slightly above your body. For instance if you are lying down use a small pillow to elevate your foot. This will help the healing process and get you back on your feet.

With these above steps you will be able to heal quickly from and sprains you might have incurred. You will be right back on your feet in no time ready to have fun again.