How to Help Homeless People


Helping the homeless is an important task and must be addressed so the homeless can get basic essentials. They are in need and we must help. The problem is not helping the homeless. It's HOW to help the homeless. The truth is, most people are scared to speak with homeless people. They are afraid to deal directly with them and just do not know how to go about it. Well, look no further, I have an easy way to get you started without having to deal with a homeless person individually. If you do like to be in direct contact with them, then you can use this also to get you started.

I would also like to point out here that meeting the needs of a homeless person on a physical level is not where we should stop. Many homeless people have real issues and have emotions and pains like any other human being in the world. They are no different than people that have homes. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who have homes but can be very arrogant. This is not to condemn, but to shed some light on where humility is lacking. However, when a homeless person has no home, no job and no food this can create a humbling circumstance. It is in this area where God is able to meet them where they are. You see, to receive forgiveness of sins one must know how sinful there knowing their need for a Savior who will save them from them. Homeless people are already pretty humble. However, most people who seem to have everything oftentimes take for granted God; s love and put others down who do not have as much as they do. I do not know why this happens, it's just the way it works itself out.

So, is there an easy way on how to help homeless people? Yes, there is! I have tried this before myself and it is not too hard to do. As a matter of fact, it was rather easy.

One day I went to a church where they fed the homeless. They had a food pantry there and it was open on certain days of the week at certain specified times. After I got this information, I went ahead and asked for a list from the person running the operation. They ended up emailing me with all names and addresses of churches of who helps the homeless community. There were over 8 places within a five mile radius! Also, they were within walking distance so in the event someone needed more than what one church could provide; they could receive more from another place on a different day of the week. I did not know such resources existed!

So, with the list in hand, I was able to make copies of this list and hand them out. Even though some of the homeless people heard of a few of the places on this sheet, the vast majority of them did not know ALL of them. So, simply by handing these out I was able to reveal more places they could get food and counseling.

If you do not like to contact a homeless person directly, simply get with other people who might and give these lists to them. Maybe you can be the coordinator. You do not have to directly help them to actually know how to help the homeless. As a team, you can get a lot done!

If you would like to know more, feel free to go to my website on how to help homeless people. There you will not only discover how to meet the needs of a homeless person physically, but you can also see some training videos on how to witness to them. This does not just apply to homeless people as everyone on this earth needs forgiveness of sins.