How To Heal Sprains – 5 Fast And Natural Remedies That Always Work

How to heal sprains might sound like a trivial question when asked suddenly. But then, how often have you experienced rigorous joint pains and tearing of ligaments which then leads to swellings? And how often have all these symptoms of a sprain gone uncared of?

Understanding Sprains

Sprains may be a frequent episode in all of our lives. But this does not connote that it is a diminutive crisis. Sprains are abrupt jerks or wrenches caused in the muscles of joints. This causes the muscles to stretch beyond their repairing thresholds and thus, tear through. These sprains may be very perilous if not addressed to without more ado. How to heal sprains is a very important problem to be tackled by the advancing field of medicine.

Dealing With The Crisis

Once a sprain has occurred, the first and foremost requirement is to stop any movement. Excess movements may further damage the ligaments. Now that moving around is not allowed, there is very little you can do unless you have company. Make sure there is always someone to help you out.

Sprains can be cured by both natural remedies and ointments or other medicines available in the market. Natural remedies for sprains can be performed at home itself and are the safest. The natural ingredients ensure that the cure is effective without any side-effects. Of course nowadays, people prefer to go for medicines available at stores rather than be burdened with the proper preparation techniques and the patience required for it to be arranged.

Some simple yet effective natural techniques on how to heal sprains are given below.

1. Prepare a cold compress using a freeze corn or peas bag. Ice works wonders on sprains and relieves pain instantaneously.

2. Black coffee is also a useful ingredient in healing sprains. Use it in cold compresses or with ice bags.

3. Camphor oil and olive oil are known for their effectiveness in curing sprains. Massage lightly with the mixture of these two oils on the sprained region.

4. A hot Epsom salt bath is a known remedy for sprained ankles.

5. In case of immense pain, consume hot milk with turmeric powder mixed in it. This is a fast method of decreasing any type of pain in the body.

Natural remedies are always 100% effective and safe. However, they consume a lot of time. Because this is a hurdle in the way, most people prefer ointments which can be directly applied on the sprained area for quick relief.

How To Heal Sprains Quickly

The general idea of a perfect medication for sprains will be an ointment which is as effectiveness as these natural remedies but works quickly without causing any side-effects. A renowned organization has discovered that an ointment which is made from ingredients like Belladonna, Ignatia, MSM, phosphorus, menthol, Rhus Tox and other herbs can amazingly speed up the process of removing all traces of pain. Studies conducted at this Health Institute have shown that an ointment with the right mix of herbs possesses the capabilities of being 100% as effective as natural cures. Consisting of natural ingredients itself, it is 100% safe and easy to apply. Side- effects are bygones they say. Users have already started marveling at the effectiveness of such ointments. How to heal sprains is now such an easy question to answer if one has this ointment in hand.


Sprains are small but dangerous problems. If not dealt with, it may even require surgery. Proper medication is absolutely necessary. But with the right knowledge on how to heal sprains and armed with a powerful ointment as such, sprains are something only history books would talk about.