How to Heal Sciatica With Bowen Therapy

Suffering with Sciatica? Discover how Bowen Therapy can help. Symptoms of sciatica are difficult to diagnose and in many cases are misdiagnosed, this is because sciatica affects more than one part of your body. The pain can be felt in the lower part of your back, your legs, buttocks or even your feet. The severity of the pain can be concentrated in the lower back or it could be in the legs. For this reason many people who suffer with sciatica find it difficult to pinpoint the cause and therefore prolong the necessary treatment.

What Is Sciatica

Running from each side of the lower spine into your buttocks and down to your foot, makes the sciatic nerve the largest single nerve in your body. The condition sciatica is caused by damaging this nerve and it's branches, resulting in a pain that can be felt in the lower back, buttocks, leg, or foot.

Someone who is suffering with sciatica may experience numbness, prickling, tingling or a burning sensation around the mentioned areas, or you could be experiencing a pain that is so severe you find it difficult to walk or even stand. This pain is usually described like an electrical shock running from your buttocks down the back of your leg.

The main culprits for this horrible condition are; a herniated or slipped disc, dislocated hip, osteoarthritis of the lumbosacral spinal or pressure on the lower spine caused by sitting for long periods or falling on your rear.

It is more common for people at the age of 30 or over to suffer with sciatica and can be affected on either side of the body.

What Is Bowen Therapy And How Can It Help?

Bowen Therapy is a very powerful technique that addresses the pain by resetting the body's structure, through a series of gentle muscle rolls. Because Bowen Therapy is so gentle it can be performed on very young children as well as the elderly, it can also be performed through your clothes too. Bowen works by stimulating the body to turn on it's own healing mechanisms, not by treating the actual condition itself, the effects of having Bowen Therapy results in an amazing process that helps heal sciatica.

Bowen is not a long-term therapy, after just the first session you could experience great results and after three sessions you could be well on your way to recovery.

Obviously the required Bowen Therapy needed will depend on what triggered the sciatica and how severe it is.