How to Heal Mouth Sores Naturally

If you would like to know how to heal mouth sores naturally, there are a number of steps you can take. Firstly, it is important to understand that although not serious, sores and splitting at the corners of your mouth is likely to be the very common condition known as Angular Cheilitis. This condition is caused by a bacterial infection, exacerbated by moisture escaping from the mouth.

If left untreated, the condition can become fungal in nature and sufferers often find that the length of time between attacks becomes shorter and the attacks themselves, more severe, until the sores become permanent.

The location of the mouth sores make them especially painful. The fact that you need to eat, drink, breathe and speak means that you cannot allow the skin to be still for any length of time, which causes further cracking and splitting. As well as the pain, the sores are very visible, being on the face, and this in itself can cause distress and embarrassment.

To heal mouth sores naturally, removing the sources of moisture can help. This is often caused by ill-fitting dentures or braces or even by drooling caused by pen sucking or fingernail biting. If you feel dentures or braces could be an issue, then see if an adjustment could help. If it’s biting or sucking, paint the offending object with anti-nail biting solution. Also, to get a little relief from the pain caused by mouth sores, add a thin coating of petroleum jelly over the top of them as this will prevent air getting to them which can be a major source of pain.