How To Heal Foot Ulcer For People With Diabetes

For people with diabetes, ulcer growing on feet can be common. It is important to heal it soonest possible before it gets worse. Healing needs good foot care and one needs to treat it with antibiotic. Also, one needs to remove the dead tissue that is growing on the feet. For people with foot ulcer, one should try not to walk too much to let the ulcer heal properly. One should also keep the feet clean to prevent more bacteria to infest the wounds, and one should follow the doctor's advice as closely as possible in order for the ulcer to heal faster.

There is a new medication in the market known as Regranex gel that is use to treat people with diabetic condition who have mouth ulcer. This medication only works for those that have enough blood vessels going to the leg. It promotes new blood vessels to grow and also to speed up the healing of ulcer. It is not created directly from blood products and hence safer for use.

To better make use of this medication, here are some tips to follow. Before applying it, you need to clean the ulcer and have all the dead tissue removed by your doctor. It will take 2 to 10 weeks for the ulcer to heal completely. The success rate of healing with Regranex is about 50 percent. This is better as compared to just letting the ulcer heal by itself. Unfortunately, Regranex is quite expensive at the moment.

You can try out Regranex for a better solution to your diabetic food ulcer. Take note to still continue giving extra care to your feet, and working closely with your doctor, for a good recovery of your foot ulcer.