How to Have an Out of Body Experience in 24 Hours Or Less (Without Drugs Or Danger)


Who else wants to have an out of body experience? Are you interested in exploring the ethereal realms….but don’t know how to get there? Have you read SO much stuff on the OBE, astral projection and all sorts of other odd experiences, that you simply can’t separate the fact….from the fantastical fiction?

If you are anything like I was, the simple truth is you are fascinated with the power and potential of traveling outside of your body….but simply don’t know what works, what doesn’t, and what the BEST ways are to quickly prove it all to yourself. If this sounds like you….the GOOD news is I’ve written this article with YOU in mind..:-) Curious to know what I’ve learned along the way? Continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below!


Are out of body experiences real?

Absolutely! And of course….it DOES depend on what your definition of real is as well. If you mean an AUTHENTIC, potentially life changing experience that transforms you from being a skeptic about matters of the soul into a full ON believer that we are MORE than our physical bodies, the OBE is definitely real.

Are parts of the OBE illusory in the sense that things you SEE while out of the body are not really there in our material world?

Absolutely as well. There are experiences you can have on the ethereal realms that do NOT correspond to things you’ll see on the physical plane…….but that’s only because the two worlds (and the many others that are out there to explore as well) do NOT necessarily match detail for detail. I’ve personally had plenty of out of body experiences where SOME stuff I’ve seen “here” has absolutely been verified later to be 100% accurate….while other stuff didn’t correspond at all. The only way to understand this….is to experience it for yourself. (as the answers unfortunately won’t be found in articles like this one that support the OBE, or in articles that purport the whole experience is fantasy, either. You’ve got to get out there and DO it to see for yourself..:-)

Okay….so what is the FASTEST way to have an OBE in 24 hours or less, without drugs or danger?

Very simple.

Binaural beats are the absolute BEST way to entrain your brain to enter into a state of consciousness that is conducive to having an OBE.

Using nothing but a pair of headphones and very special sound technology (which is all binaural beats are) you can expand your consciousness awareness in UNDER an hour, and begin to feel the “buzz” of your spiritual self beginning to expand…first WITHIN your physical body, and then very quickly… it’s way into the ETHEREAL realms in a hurry! (very cool….and again, something that transcends being able to accurately be described with words alone)

Want the Truth?

I had my FIRST out of body experience in under 30 minutes when using brain entrainment sound technology about 8 years ago…after trying without ANY success for months beforehand. The GOOD news? You can now have the very same experience from home, and what cost me hundreds of dollars to experience, you can explore for FREE!