How to Handle the Schipperke Personality

The Schipperke personality is something many people find somewhat amusing and endearing at the same time. These small black dogs with pricked ears are known not only for their beauty, but also for their feisty nature. They are, in fact, often described as little black devils because of the way they act like a big dog trapped in a small body. The small dog, big personality description alone should warn you that this beautiful little dog is not just a sweet little companion.

For sure, this dog can be a good companion because loyalty and intelligence are huge parts of the Schipperke personality. The breed originated in Belgium as a smaller version of the Belgian sheepdog known as Leauvenaar. It is said that the dog got its name from a Belgian word which means “little shepherd” although these dogs were best known for guarding the boats going through the canals between Antwerp and Brussels.

These days, the breed is kept more as a companion that guards his family in the same way as he once guarded the canal boats. Another integral part of the Schipperke personality that is greatly appreciated by many dog owners is that of always being on the alert, always patrolling his home and property, and always barking out warnings whenever they are needed. This dog also voluntarily seeks out and destroys vermin such as mice and squirrels if they ever make the mistake of invading his space.

Perhaps one of the most obvious parts of the Schipperke personality is his yearning to always be involved in family activities and his love for children of all ages. And because he is devoted to and very protective of his family, you can expect this dog to be aloof towards strangers until he is able to prove to himself that they are okay. Among the most popular characteristics of this dog is his size and coat. You would surely appreciate the fact that this dog only sheds heavily once or twice each year. You do need to give him a weekly brushing to keep his coat clean and free of dead hair.

Aside from the Schipperke personality, you also need to take other things such as training needs into consideration. Remember that this dog is very active and was originally bred to work. If you keep him primarily as a family pet, he will most likely occupy himself by hunting squirrels or other small animals he might find in your yard. To help your dog burn off his excess energy, make sure daily playtime is a regular part of his training session.

Remember that if you give your dog something to occupy him at all times and if you train him both for obedience and agility, you can look forward to having a well-behaved companion for life. Doing this will also allow you to truly appreciate the Schipperke personality and intelligence. And while you are training him, take note that this dog is a notorious escape artist that is oblivious to passing cars and other possible dangers. It is therefore very important for you to make sure that your yard fencing is secured and that you keep your dog on a leash when you walk him outside.

Training can indeed be a challenge, considering the Schipperke personality and intelligence. You can always expect him to add his own version to any exercise that you ask him to perform during agility or obedience training. The good thing is that he is eager to please, which means that with consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement, you will soon reap the benefits of training. Remember as well that early socialization is a must with this breed because they being territorial is part of the Schipperke personality and he may not get along with other dogs unless properly socialized.