How to Guarantee Your Mental Stability and Never Have Psychological Problems

When you are absurd this means that you follow an absurd logic. It doesn’t mean that you are lost in the space, without knowing what you are doing. It means that your conscience cannot understand what you are doing, but your anti-conscience does. The anti-conscience is your wild and primitive conscience, which is still active inside you.

When you become mentally ill, this means that you start following the absurd logic of your anti-conscience, which invaded your human conscience. This is why all your actions focus on the creation of problems, violence, immorality, and everything that is negative, even though in the beginning you cannot understand the real intention of these actions, since you are controlled by your wild conscience.

Absurdity and evilness are synonyms because when you are absurd you are evil. You follow the evil logic of your anti-conscience.

You need craziness prevention because you have inherited too much absurdity into your anti-conscience. You have no idea how absurd you are, but I must warn you and show you this truth, so that you may care about saving your mental health. This is a very serious matter.

You don’t know how strong your anti-conscience is. You don’t know for how long your human conscience will manage to beat your anti-conscience’s attacks. You must save your conscience before it is too late.

Since you have inherited so much absurdity in your brain from birth, this means that you will probably lose your tiny human conscience some day. This is what happens with most people.

Your anti-conscience imposes its craziness to your human conscience in order to control your behavior, but it acts like an actor. It pretends to defend your ego.

If you’ll accept its absurd suggestions, you’ll gradually lose your mind. However, this is an imperceptible process because your anti-conscience pretends to be yourself. It speaks with your own voice. Therefore, you believe that the ideas you have come from your conscience’s reasoning. You are not able to separate the anti-conscience’s thoughts from your own thoughts.

On the other hand, those who are around you cannot perceive that you are controlled by your anti-conscience.

The initial stage of a mental illness cannot be perceived by anyone; only by those who know how the human brain works and what determines the human behavior because they have studied the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

As I told you in the beginning of this article, when you are absurd this doesn’t mean that you stop following a certain logic, but that you stop following the reasoning system of your conscience, to follow the reasoning system of your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

Therefore, you don’t seem to be mentally ill. You seem to be someone who is insensitive, but who can justify his/her actions in a logical manner. The misleading point in the judgment of the actions and reactions of a mentally ill individual is the fact that the justification of absurd actions cannot eliminate their absurdity.

However, this is something that you cannot understand. You accept absurd explanations as if they were logical conclusions because you don’t know how to clearly discern what is good or bad.

What is good or bad define how sensible or how illogical an idea or an action is. What is logical is good for all human beings. What is absurd is bad for all human beings.

If you are not able to understand what is good or bad, you don’t know what is logical or absurd. You need the guidance of the saintly unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to learn how to eliminate what is evil (and therefore, absurd) from your brain.

Until today, you didn’t know what to do in order to be sure that you (and your family) will never have psychological problems. Today you have the chance to prevent all mental illnesses and guarantee your mental stability for life.

The unconscious sanctity helps you completely eliminate what is absurd (and therefore, evil) from your brain and psyche. You’ll never again be threatened by a mental illness. You’ll attain wisdom and become a perfect human being.