How to Go Down on Your Man and Give Him the Best Oral – Shocking Fellatio Tips for Bad Girls Only

Do you really want to shock and awe your man in the bedroom? Do you want to give him some pleasure that literally causes him to explode in pure ecstasy? If you want to do that for your man tonight, then you have got to learn these tips.

There are fellatio tips out there that are shocking to most women but the bad girls of the world will just eat them right up. These tips are designed for women who want to go down on their man and to give him the best oral of his life. These tips are not for the faint of heart, so if you don’t feel like you can handle them, look away now.

If you are a naughty woman and you want to be a very bad girl in the bedroom for your man, then you have got to master these new and very shocking fellatio tips. When you do, you are going to notice that when your mouth touches your man down there, it has a completely new effect and it will literally have him driven wild.

Here are those shocking fellatio tips for women to go down on a man and to give him the best oral ever, for bad girl’s eyes only:

Give him oral when you driving. Some call this road head but it is something that every woman should try. When you and your man are driving at night, it’s a perfect time for you to get a little naughty. You can get down with your bad side, unzip his jeans and go down on him right there. No one is going to see but the idea of someone potentially seeing will drive him wild. In addition, your man has to focus on driving so he is going to try his hardest to ignore what you are doing, but it will be impossible for him. This is a super sexy way to give him oral and it will be something that he will never forget.

Do the 69. One of the sexiest ways to give him a blow job is to allow him to perform oral on you at the same time. The 69 position is for bad girls only. This position gives you both access to each other’s bodies and this will surely heat up the moment. Not only does he get to feel amazing pleasure from you, but he also gets to please you and that turns him on a lot.

Finish it off right. You can do all of these tips but you can ruin it all when you spit out the ejaculate at the end of the experience. Don’t be that woman who ruins it and who turns him off. Instead, be the bad girl he wants you to be and swallow it. This simple gesture will really turn him on and get him going in the bedroom. That is how you finish it off the proper way and really give him what he wants.