How to Go Down on a Woman and Make Her Scream Out Loud – Oral Sex Advice for Men

To go down on a woman is easy and anyone can do it but to actually make her have a screaming orgasm while you lick her is another matter. This takes skill and a whole lot of patient preparation.

In this article I will show a three step cunnilingus guide that will have your woman screaming out loud.

1. The preparation is vital in giving a woman an orgasm and without it you are doomed to failure. Women simply do not reach climax if they are not relaxed and feeling that they are in a solid relationship. So to make her feel this way you need to romance her and give her loads of attention.

2. To go down on a woman successfully you need to perform foreplay before licking her. This foreplay should start off in a non sexual manner by kissing her neck and shoulders and when you work your way down try to resist going near her vagina. This will make her orgasm all the more powerful because you will have built up lots of anticipation in her.

3. Now when cunnilingus starts she will be primed and ready to climax. So start off with a good firm tongue pressure but keep the licks slow and only speed up when her body tells you to. The signal for you to speed up is easy to read and is either an increase in the loudness of her moaning or a push of her hips to your tongue. After a short burst of this faster licking she will be screaming the house down.

That's how to go down on a woman and give her a really great climax.