How To Give A Woman Oral Sex With Clitoral and G-Spot Techniques That Will Make Her Claw Your Back!

Women love oral sex. They don’t just like it, THEY LOVE IT! Give her the powerful, proven techniques revealed here for the first time! Don’t try them unless you live where she can SCREAM long and hard without people calling the cops!

Get her ready for hot oral techniques by making her feel comfortable, emotionally secure, and hot. You know how to do all of that. But, don’t put it off. Do that for three STRAIGHT DAYS! She will be so ready for this, you won’t believe it.

1st Tip. Preparation for this hot event.

Tell her a hot story. Make it be about her. Women have vivid imaginations and they can really be turned on with their brain only. Give her a no-touch orgasm. Take her, step by step, through everything you want to do with her. Describe every touch in detail, lingering, and making her so wildly wet.

2nd Tip. Clitoral and g-spot techniques.

Now lick the inside of her thighs. Tease it for a bit. Until she’s clamping your head, with her shuddering thighs. Now, gently lick the tip of her clit. Draw away. Tease her and then withdraw. Do this until she shudders with an orgasm.

Now, plunge your tongue inside her and reach her g-spot. Curl your tongue upwards, and stroke her firmly and fast. Then slow down and tease it. Keep this rhythm up until she climaxes.

3rd Tip. Hot combinations.

Once she had a clitoral orgasm, she became very sensitive and sore. Now, with a few minutes rest, you can go back to her clit and tease her. Then, again plunge your tongue all the way inside her and hit her g-spot. Now scrape your teeth gently over her clit as you plunge in.

You can also use your finger to tease it. Keep this up fast and hard. You might even add some teasing of her nipples to give her a triple combo. Be ready for an explosion as she has this thunderous orgasm. She will be crying, shouting, and convulsing.

Use different combinations of this for each session to make it vibrant and new!