How to Get Your Pets in on the Fun at Halloween

During Halloween celebrations, many people choose to wear animal costumes of all sorts. Pets can join in the fun by dressing as people. Since pets often become family members in a very real way, going to the spa for treatments and traveling literally everywhere with their owners, it makes sense that pets would don costumes for Halloween, too.

Of course, the pet's owner is going to have more fun dressing up their pet than the animal itself will have. Remember, though, that you know your pet best.

Some pets do not like wearing clothes at all. If they are showing signs of stress or frustration, do not force your pet to wear a costume.

Pets will do best with unrestrictive, flexible costumes. Hats, crowns, and other headgear are usually alright in addition to some sort of clothing that can be tied around their midsection, although it should be loose.

It is best to leave pet costumes simple. If they become too complex, the animal could decide that they do not want to have it on and rip up the outfit in the end anyway.

The Internet is the best place to find Halloween pet costumes, although they are also available in many pet stores as the holiday approaches. Online costume sources often have pages devoted to just pet costumes, which sizes are usually based off of weight.

Before putting your pet's new costume on them, be sure to look for any pieces that they might be able to get tied up in or swallow. Most costumes are made to be safe for pets, but you should always double check.

After all the hard work you will have done to find a costume and get it onto your pet, the most difficult part is sure to be getting the perfect picture. Though some pets will be good and sit quietly while you take a picture, for most it will require quite some effort to get your pet to calm down long enough for you to enjoy their costume.