How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection On The Tongue


White spots on your tongue are a strong indication that an infection is growing in your mouth. It is ugly to look at and sometimes quite painful but it is also a sign that of a serious medical condition developing in your body. This condition requires immediate treatment to keep it from becoming much worse and much more serious.

A yeast infections on your tongue or anywhere in the mouth or throat is commonly referred to as “thrush” or “oral Candidiasis.” These infections are caused by an overgrowth of fungus. Symptoms are often felt not only on the tongue but also on the roof of the mouth and other areas on the gums or throat.

The treatment methods for thrush are similar to those used for yeast infections on other areas of the body. However, because it is in the mouth, care must be taken not to use products to treat the immediate infection that are too strong. It is very important to treat not only the area of the tongue and mouth that is infected but also to treat the entire body to ensure that the yeast overgrowth is completely removed and will not surface again in some other area.

Symptoms of thrush include white deposits on the tongue and the membranes within the mouth and throat. Most of these curd-like deposits are found on the tongue. The tongue may also become inflamed with redness, soreness and a burning feeling.

Anyone can suffer from yeast infection of the tongue but adults who have weak immune systems, including diabetics, HIV-positive individuals and cancer patients, are more susceptible. Normally healthy people who are likely to develop yeast infection on the tongue are those who smoke, those who wear dentures, and particularly people who use antibiotics or birth control pills. Tongue piercings, although not a direct cause, can provide an opening in the tissue that Candida can use to enter the body.

To relieve the discomfort caused by tongue yeast infection some people rely on homemade cures that bring temporary relief, at best. Gargling with salt water or vinegar mixed with water may bring some temporary relief from the pain but will not cure the infection. Eating yogurt and applying garlic paste on the tongue and other affected areas of the mouth are claimed by some to bring temporary relief but, again, these are only temporary treatments.

Yeast infection on tongue will not usually go away on its own. It is often a symptom of a systemic infection cause by yeast overgrowth occurring within the body. With a systemic yeast infection the infection will move throughout the body and surface in areas where there is a warm, moist environment in which it can grow and thrive.

The only sure and permanent way to treat a yeast infection is to treat the entire body and not just the area where the eruption occurs. Fortunately for everyone, there is a simple and effective way to remove this yeast fungus from the entire body so that it never returns.