How to Get Rid of Tonsilloliths?

If you’re stuck with tonsil rocks or stones, there are some ways to get rid of tonsilloliths. Some doctors claim that people with acid reflux tend to get them more frequently, since the food you swallow is coming back up the esophagus near the tonsils.

Avoid foods that cause acid reflux like chocolate, spicy foods, or coffee as much as possible. This method will help you to get rid of tonsilloliths caused by the acid reflux issue. If you’re experiencing a cold, you can also get rid of tonsilloliths by taking medication to prevent nasal dripping. Since the tonsil stones can also be formed from mucous buildup, it’s important to try and limit this as much as possible when you get sick.

Gargle with warm salt water twice per day as often as you can. This has been know to help get rid of tonsilloliths since it loosens them up and often helps to open up the tonsil crypt where the stones are lodged. Use a water pik if possible, and try to aim it directly at the stones. The pressure from the water should help to loosen them, and then you can simply cough them up.

Since bacteria is another cause of tonsil stones, look for a good mouthwash that kills any bacteria in the mouth. Be sure it does not contain alcohol since this only dries the lining of the mouth and makes the situation worse. Hopefully these steps can help you to get rid of tonsilloliths so you no longer need to worry about bad breath and the possibility of a tonsil related infection.