How to Get Rid of Strep Throat Homeopathically

This article will describe how to get rid of strep throat homeopathically based on an experience from a friend of mine. She just got back from the doctor and was diagnosed with Strep throat. Unfortunately, she has to take a 7 day treatment of antibiotics. Her children and she have always gotten strep, and it can become rather serious. The doctor who was a substitute for the one she regularly sees, said that it is as commonly caught as a cold.

She was wondering if I have any info on strep, what one can do homeopathically to get rid of it, or what to do to avoid getting it. She has been in perfect health as of late, just came down the other night with a horrid sore throat. For her, there is nothing worse than a sore throat. It brings back nightmares of last year and her mono episode.

My advice for her (or you) is, you can use tea tree oil to treat strep. It’s not homeopathic, but it does kill strep. Another suggestion since you say you get strep easily is that you can find mouth washes or toothpaste with tea tree oil in them, and if you use them every day, they’ll keep you from getting it again. And the tea tree oil will also be killing candida at the same time.

I’ve gotten mouthwash and breath sprays from Melaleuca distributors that I’ve used to treat strep with, but I haven’t a clue how to find a distributor, because my sister used to be one, so I never had to look for one. But most health food stores usually carry things with tea tree oil in them. I used to get strep a lot when I was a kid. But I’ve been brushing my teeth for years with toothpaste that has tea tree oil, and I never get strep any more, even though I’ve been exposed to it every year from neighborhood kids, and even though I have a weak immune system. So the tea tree oil must be doing some good.