How to Get Rid of Spots Quickly


This is my experience on how I found out how to get rid of spots. We’ve all suffered from them at one point but we never really share our solutions! Does this situation sound familiar?

So you go to bed, you wake up the next day, drag yourself into the bathroom,

and BOOM! Hundreds of pimples all over your face!(well, maybe not hundreds :P) You wash your face a few times to try and at least reduce the redness. This is actually does the exact opposite, since the warm water will make your blood vessels expand and will increase redness.

I know how you feel, and I found a way of reducing the redness, if you have some extra time to spare. You are at least at the right place, you have either stumbled on this article or searched for something along the lines of ‘how to get rid of spots’ so congratulations on finding this guide!

The first thing you should NOT do is squeeze the spots, no matter how tempting it is,

because they tend to bleed and scab over, which looks even WORSE, so instead of trying to find out how to get rid of spots, you are trying to find out how to stop making children cry when they look at you! Also, sometimes it is just painful trying to squeeze them.

What you should do is steam your face. Steaming your face opens the pores and helps the spots to heal by getting rid of the dirt in the pores which can cause spots.

If you don’t have a face steamer, or enough time you could soak a face cloth in some hot water and press it against your face for 10-20 minutes and it will help to open the pores on your skin.

Now after you have done all of that, you should rinse your face with some cold water, this will cause the blood vessels in your skin to contract and will reduce some of the redness. If you want to reduce the redness further you can get some ice, or anything which is cold(but preferably not something you will eat later, like an ice cream), and press it against your face, this will reduce the redness even further. I discovered this accidentally when I spent a few hours out in the snow, and the cold really healed my face! That is how I found out how to get rid of spots, but alas, only for a short time. So alternatively if you have enough time, and snow, go sledging for a few hours or have a snowball fight with some friends. You may as well have fun while you are getting rid of your spots! Or if it is just a cold day you could go for a walk.

I don’t really like using over the counter products since they normally cost quite a fair bit of money, they never really work very well, and your skin can become resistant to them, but you could always try this: Buy some Germoline and put it on the spots, but don’t rub it in. This seems to be a bit more effective than rubbing it in.

I also read that harsh skin drying products are very bad for spots, because it makes them go crusty, and damages your skin which just lets even more spots develop.

Also try and identify what is causing your spots, so not only should you try and figure out how to get rid of spots, you should try and find out what is causing them. For me it was while I was using the computer, and I used to rest my face on my hand while I was using it, and this is what caused rhwm, try and identify what is causing them for you to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The only problem is that this will only solve the problem for a short time, so you will have to keep doing this over and over, or there is this excellent guide which will teach you how to get rid of spots permanently in only 3 days!