How to Get Rid of Skin Discoloration

No matter how it comes to you, it can be bothering and disturbing. There are different types of skin discoloration like freckles, age spot and pregnancy mark. This may be harmless, but anyone bearing this problem wants to get rid of it always.

The first important thing you need to do, to avoid skin is wear sunscreen lotion and try to avoid staying too much under the sun. That way, your body will not produce extra melanin, which sometime is the root cause of skin discoloration. There are certain different product and home made remedies that can help you to solve your skin problem. Hydroquinone is a very popular treatment over the years. Kojic acid and Alpha hydroxyl acids are two natural products which has been very effective in treatment of this skin problem.

There are certain natural remedies that are easily available at your home and will cost you much less than the products you buy from stores. Washing face with sour milk gets gentle peeling effect to your skin without producing any irritation. Lemon juice and yogurt has always given very good results for freckles. Applying it on daily basis gets you your desired result within days. Sour cream musk is also very good at times. Do not wash the sour cream completely. With a facial tissue just remove your sour cream musk and apply moisturizer on that. Sometime parsley juice mixed with lemon juice, or orange juice applied under your favourite cream can keep freckles invisible.

Doing regular exercise and drinking plenty of water daily helps you to get rid of this problem partially. Lots of fruits like apricot, strawberry, cucumber and red currants helps lighten your skin discoloration problem. Increasing vitamin C intake can also help you a lot. Certain skin discoloration occurs due to some internal disorders. Hormonal and metabolism disorders, liver problem, thyroid problem can also lead skin discoloration. In this case, before doing any kind of treatment physician consultation is a must. For any kind of skin discoloration problem getting extra protection from sunlight is also mandatory. With good treatment and perfect diet regiment, skin discoloration can be easily cured.