How To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy

Catching Poison Ivy is not a fun experience. Most people do not realize they are even allergic to Poison Ivy until it is too late. Poison Ivy rashes may develop several days after exposure to the plant. Many people think Poison Ivy rashes are just normal rashes that they have developed over time.

Poison Ivy is a seasonal type rash. Most people contract poison ivy by touching the poison ivy or other similar plant species.

Poison Ivy is found in every state in the US except Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Oregon, Washington, North Dakota, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Neveda and Wyoming.

Posion Oak is found only in the following states which are California, Neveda, Oregon and Washington.

Poison Sumac also has a wide distribution. It is found in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and the rest of the eastern US states.

The best way to identify Poison Ivy is to look for the maple leaf.

The best way to identify Poison Oak is look for shiny red or green leafs. The plant looks pretty similar to Poison Ivy.

Poison Sumac are the easiest plants to identify because they have reddish or grayish tip consisting of 7 to 13 stems.

Poison Ivy is not contagious. The way to get Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, or Poison Sumac is to touch the plants. Some people are immune to Poison Ivy but many people are not. Also, people that are immune to Poison Ivy may not be immune a year from now.

Wearing long pants and long T-shirts so your skin is not exposed when going into wooded areas will help prevent exposure to Poison Ivy. If wearing long pants and a long shirt is not practical, just be aware of how the Poison Ivy plant looks. Some people are extremely sensitive to Poison Ivy. Some people will get Poison Ivy be simply touching the plant. Other people need more exposure to the plant before a rash develops.

If you touch a Poison Ivy plant, wash your hands with soap and water immediately. If a rash starts to develop, use Poison Ivy Lotion on the rash. This remedy will help stop the itch and prevent infections.

Poison Ivy Pills should also be taken at a general interval to get rid of the rash. Pills should be taken every hour or two during the initial start of the rash. As the rash subsides decrease the usage to every 3 or 4 hours. As the rash starts to go away you can decrease the dosage even more.

Poison Ivy pills can also be taken before you get poison ivy. The pills help to give you a little more immunity if you do touch poison ivy. The rash may be milder if these pills are taken.

If you take the follow precautions, chances of you catching Poison Ivy are significantly less. If you do happen to catch Poison Ivy, please be prepared with Poison Ivy Pills and Poison Ivy Lotion.