How to Get Rid of Cold Sores Permanently

Cold sore is an annoying and unsightly skin disease. Also known as fever blisters brought by herpes simplex virus. It will start as a red spot and will start to accumulate moisture making it itchy and irritating. It is a contagious skin disease that usually appears in the mouth, lips and genitals. It is important to get rid of cold sores permanently to avoid the annoyance and embarrassment brought by this skin disease.

Of course it is much better to avoid getting cold sore in the first place than to get rid of cold sores. It can spread through direct skin contact like kissing, touching or oral sex. Things used by a person with herpes simplex virus like towels, drinking glass; toothbrush etc. can also help spread the virus. Avoid skin contact or using personal stuffs of people you suspected with cold sores.

In most cases, it appears in the most inappropriate occasions like weddings, big dates etc. because you are more vulnerable to the virus when stressed. You should start to find remedies to get rid of the virus, to stop the annoyance and embarrassment brought by this skin disease.

It is important to find the best treatment available at the onset of this skin disease to prevent it from spreading and to get rid of cold sores as soon as possible. Cold sore can last for weeks if not treated at once. Here are some tips to get rid of cold sores.

Keep your cold sore dry. Regularly wash the area around the cold sore and pat it dry. Cold sore needs moisture and dirt to keep swelling. If they are kept clean and dry, healing will speed up. Shield it with petroleum jelly using cotton swab to avoid swelling.

Replace your toothbrush with a new one once detected you have a cold sore. Toothbrushes incubate cold sore causing viruses and it will keep coming back if you use the same toothbrush. You also need to replace your toothpaste tubes since toothbrush bristles get in contact with the toothpaste tubes each time you use your toothpaste. Buy smaller toothpaste and avoid rubbing your toothbrush bristles against the opening of the toothpaste tube.

Zinc sulfate, available in your local pharmacy can also help get rid of cold sores. You can ask the nearest pharmacy for a zinc sulfate tube once you spot a cold sore starting to burst out.

Amino acid lysine can also help you get rid of cold sores. You can get if from drinking supplements or by eating potatoes and dairy products. But amino acid lysine is not recommended for nursing or pregnant women as this can interfere with the infant’s development.

Lemon balm, tea tree oil, Echinacea and tea bag applied directly to the affected area can also help get rid of cold sores due to its antiviral properties.

Avoid stress. Stress triggers the recurrence of the virus and it also weakens your immune system, making you more vulnerable to viral infections. Get rid of cold sores by eating a healthy balanced diet, exercise and getting enough sleep.

These are just few methods you can use to get rid of cold sore. For more tips and ways to prevent cold sores from annoying you in the future, consult with your doctor.