How To Get Rid Of Arthritis And Rheumatism?

Rheumatism or gout is almost similar manifested only slightly differently. Arthritis is another form of rheumatism which can be treated in the same way too. The causes of which is there are obstruction in the body of acids and waste material. Wet and cold exposure increases the pains. There is enlarged and painful joints sometimes it is impossible to move them at all.

Treatment can be effective if followed the right and proper way. Avoid tea, coffee, liquors, fried potatoes, pork and bacon, soda biscuits, white flour products and cane sugar products.

These foods will not be able to rid the system of impurities. Your food should be eaten as dry as possible and well masticated so that it is thoroughly mix with saliva to help digestion. Prolonged fruit diet will obtain wonderful result.

After taking two to three weeks of fruit diet, use potassium broth, French toast, and mashed potato. Drink slippery elm tea for it is nourishing, cleansing and strengthening. Solid food must be taken sparingly, of course, after the fruit diet.

A high enema must be taken every evening for some time as they cleanse and heal. You can use white oak bark, red raspberry or alum root. A good sweat bath is good everyday while drinking two or three cups of pleurisy tea in the tub. Thorough massage after the bath is beneficial but do not massage the area where there is inflammation.

Again, it is best to remind you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables even if you are already cured of your arthritis for they build and restore our body’s immune system naturally.