How to Get Rid of a Rash

Rash Chest:

If you live in a place where weather patterns can change easily you may notice that your skin has a knack for getting “rash chest”. This is a term used when you you have a red rash on your chest that could be itchy. If you have had clear skin on your chest for quite some time and then all of sudden wake up with a rash chest it could be something minor or serious. Your skin is a complex organ and if there is something that causes the immune system to react a tell tale sign is a red rash on the skin.

This reaction is perfectly normal as your body is sending antibodies to investigate for infection. The most common cause of rash chest is from some irritant, which can be in the form of a chemical burn, especially if you use lots of products. Another cause of rash chest is from physical aggravation such as friction burn and both types can be painful.

You could spend your entire life without ever once getting rash chest or you could have it every other week as it really depends on your current state of health and lifestyle. Once you have a rash chest you should get it checked by a doctor just to make sure it is not some serious condition. The skin tells you there is a problem by turning red and the sensitivity of the affected area is heightened. If your doctor tells you it is nothing serious then you can find a remedy for your rash chest.

There are many urban myths for the treatment of rash chest some work and some do not. Before you take your body through the paces in search of a remedy do some research to find out what are the best proven treatments. Your doctor could prescribe a topical ointment for your rash chest. You will need something to reduce the irritation or calm your skins reaction to the irritant. This can be accomplished by using something with an anti inflammatory element like cortisone or Aloe Vera.

If you are not sure what is causing your rash chest it might be a good idea to back track your steps for the last 24 to 36 hours. Did you do anything different? Wear anything new or use a different cleaning product on your clothes? Were you bitten by an insect or by some other animal? By using the process of elimination you can figure out what the culprit was that caused your discomfort. If you are still unable to figure out what is causing your rash chest it might be a great idea to speak with a dermatologist, as they are skin specialists and can advise you on what the solution to this cosmetically unappealing rash may be.

Do not ever put chemicals on your chest without being fully aware of what they can do, it’s too late once you damage your skin and need to find a cure. Quite frankly, now you have two problems; what caused the original rash and how do I get rid of that, AND how do I treat the problem that I just caused myself. Like the old adage; an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

Does anyone really have a cure for a rash?