How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore? Try Green Tea

If you are one of the many people who suffer from repeat cold sore outbreaks, you may be wondering how can I get rid of a cold sore? Cold sores are caused by the HSV-1 virus. Once your body becomes infected with this virus, it remains dormant in your body. Therefore, you can have outbreaks of cold sores throughout your lifetime. While there is no known cure for cold sore outbreaks, there are some promising treatments that just might work for you. Let’s take a look at some of the remedies you can use when trying to get rid of a cold sore. Green tea is the first remedy we will look at.

Green tea is known to have many benefits, and for the cold sore sufferer, it can be a lifesaver. Many people who use green tea in the treatment of their cold sores report great results. Tea can be used in two different ways in the treatment process. First, at the initial sign of an outbreak, during the tingling phase, you will want to grab your green tea bags. Throughout the day, preferably about once an hour, wet the tea bag with warm water and hold it to the area where the tingling is occurring. This will help to reduce the duration of your cold sore.

After the sore has ruptured you will want to boil some water and brew your green tea. Drink several cups every day. Green tea has the amazing properties of catechins and quercetin, which are known anti-viral properties. By drinking plenty of the tea you can work to boost your immune system, which in turn helps to aid your body to a speedy recovery. There are of course many other options if you are looking to get rid of a cold sore. Let’s take a look at these other remedies.

Using Ice or Aloe during the tingling stage can often boast the same benefits as a green tea bag. After the sores have appeared you can also try using lemon balm, tea tree oil, or witch hazel on the sore. These have also been known to shorten the duration of the outbreak. You may also want to try taking immune-boosting supplements. These include, astragulus, l-lysine, B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc. All of these supplements work to strengthen your immune system.

As you have just learned using green tea is a great way to help get rid of a cold sore. Of course if green tea is not your cup of tea, there are other remedies that you can also try. You may even find that trying it in combination with some of the other remedies will produce optimum results.