How to Get Rid of a Candida Yeast Infection in the Throat

If you are like me you are always looking for a natural way to treat certain illnesses and conditions at home. It is no different when you develop a candida yeast infection in the throat. You’ll soon discover how to treat one of these infestations, also known as thrush, and how to prevent one from ever visiting you again.

I know how you feel. Your first thought is ‘yuck’ how did I get one of these infections. I thought the same thing until I found out that it really isn’t due to a lack of being clean. I mean its not like you went out and ate dirt or anything. Candida is a yeast fungus that is in and on our bodies to begin with.This yeast is what we call ‘bad bacteria’, and when it is in a healthy balance with the ‘good bacteria’ it doesn’t cause any problems. It is when this balance is disturbed by some other factor that we have a problem..namely a candida yeast infection. This is when we get symptoms and realize we need to address it.

Some of the causes of this upset in the delicate bacterial balance are things like antibiotics, stress or another underlying illness. It is common to develop one of these infections after taking a strong dose of antibiotics for some other infection, like sinus. It is also more common for someone who has diabetes, HIV or cancer to develop a candida yeast infection in the throat. When a candida infection starts in the mouth, it can quickly spread to the throat.

You will first develop painful white patches can be seen throughout the mouth and may even bleed when touched or scraped. They sort of look like cottage cheese in appearance. You will have difficulty swallowing and pain in your throat. It may feel like you have something stuck in the back of your throat. If it gets too bad you can even develop a fever!

These infections can spread to the rest of the body so you need to treat it fast. Medical way of treating these types of infections is to take anti fungal medicines. Yes these have their place, but when anti fungal medicines kill off the yeast ‘bad bacteria’ they also kill off the ‘good bacteria’, This can lead to more problems as it once again disturbs the delicate bacterial balance.

The natural ways of treating one of these types of throat infections are very effective. The first thing you will want to use is yogurt. Make sure it is the plain unsweetened kind and eat this several times a day. Try to hold it in your mouth for a brief time before swallowing. There is an ingredient in yogurt known to help the body fight yeast infections and restore the bacterial balance.

Along with using yogurt you have to do some other things. Limit your intake of sugar or yeast containing foods. Drink lots of water and don’t use things like mouthwash or mouth sprays. You see when you adjust your diet you will be helping your body gain control over the bacteria. In essence you help your body heal itself.

Discovering what led to your developing one of these candida throat infections will help you to avoid one in the future. Even smoking can cause one! So if you are a smoker now may be a good time to quit.

I’ve found that the natural approach to getting rid of a candida yeast infection in the throat is the one that is effective naturally and makes more sense!