How to Get Ready to Walk Your Dog


When the dog is calm and submissive, put the leash on him, if he starts to get excited repeat the previous exercise, sit stay, get calm, and then head for the door. The dog must always be at your side with leash loose, or slightly behind, never, never, never, in the front, because who ever is in front is the pack leader. When your dog starts to get in front of you, STOP, immediately and bring him back into place beside you. When he is calm and sitting, move forward once again. When you are about 10 ft from the door stop, put your dog in a sit stay, and go to the door.

If your dog breaks and starts to come to the door, go back to him with a stern "NO!", "BACK!", And take him back to the spot where you asked him to sit. Make him sit stay, and this time be more serious when you say the word "STAY !!", do not yell, but just be serious about it.

The way I look at it is like this, maybe when you were young, there was a teacher or a person in your family that had such a way about them, that when they told you to do something you just knew they were not joking by the way you felt inside at the sound of their voice. Well try to find that authority in yourself, if you project the energy that you are serious and will not settle for anything but what you want, and never give up until that is the reality, then your dog will start to see that resistance is futile, if he does not sit, stay, then you will make him, and with practice, patience, and consistency, your dog will actually do what you say immediately because it has no choice.

Once you have mastered the sit and stay back 10 ft, start the whole process over so it has a natural flow to it. You want to be able to relax and do not have to wrestle with your dog every time you want to leash train him. These are the steps in order.

1. Call the dog to you and have him sit, and stay. (provide trips, and lots of praise if you are still conditioning this behavior.)

2. While the dog is still calm and sitting, get the leash out, and as long as he is calm and sitting, put it on.

3. Drop the leash and put your coat, boots, etc on, and then if the dog is calm and sitting, looking at you, grab the leash and head for the door.

4. Stop 10 ft from the door, tell the dog to sit and stay, then walk to the door like you own it, head up eyes forward, chest out, you are the Alpha.

5. When you get to the door, open it wide, but stay between the door and your dog, this is where you must master your dogs urge to bolt out the door. He must learn that an open door does not mean bolt outside no matter who you run down along the way, if he breaks the sit and stay command an tries to escape out the open door, block him, say, "No", grab the leash, disagree with the behavior, "No, Back", then with the door still open take him back to the spot, show him what you want, which is to sit and stay, if he hesitates to sit because he is focused on the open door, do not keep saying sit, sit, sit, over and over, that just do not work. Dogs do not understand what that sound coming out of your mouth is.

If your dog is non compliant, physically maneuver his body into the position you want. You do not have to be excessively rough or aggressive, its the same idea if your 2 yr old toddler was heading to the road, you would not stand there and say come back baby, come back, no you would run to the baby and reach out and either pick the baby up or grab firmly by the shoulder and turn them around and say something like, "No you can not play down there it is dangerous, come this way and I will show you where it is safe, Where I want you to play. " The toddler would not understand what you really said, but they would understand your message, and feel your energy, as they were being lead back to the house on the tips of their toes. Do you see how it works? It's all about your energy and the message it sends to the dog. Calm and serious will win the day.

When you have mastered the sit and stay 10 ft away from the door, and you can open it wide and the dog holds in place, then you are ready to go outside and walk your dog.

I want you to take this next step yourself, if you can see it in your mind, you can make it real, but make sure you have mastered the above approach to getting ready to go out, before you actually do go, because if you can not control dog inside your house, you can forget about outside.

If you have difficulty with mastering the sit, stay method of training, please feel free to send me a message, and I will provide the tools and strategies necessary for you to be successful in training your dog.