How to Get Pregnant With Fibroids


If you are suffering from this common condition, you may be wondering how to get pregnant with fibroids. At such a sensitive time, many women have fears but when you are aware that you have fibroids and that they are situated in or around the uterus, it is only natural that you may have increased anxiety.

As it happens, most women with fibroids go on to conceive normally and have a straightforward pregnancy and a normal birth. However, there is no denying that fibroids can sometimes cause problems in a minority of women and given a choice, most women would much prefer to be free of fibroids whether they are contemplating a pregnancy or not.

If you are in the position of wondering how to get pregnant with fibroids, why not consider using a natural treatment to shrink them before you begin trying for a baby. This should ensure that any unpleasant symptoms have disappeared prior to conception and in most women, shrinkage begins within days.

The location and size of fibroids are the two factors which most influence whether difficulties will occur at the time of conception. If fibroids are located near to the cervix, partially or virtually blocking the entrance, rarely they can prevent sperm entering the uterus. Similarly, fibroids located near to the entrance of the fallopian tubes can prevent the passage of sperm. A large fibroid in the uterus can sometimes prevent implantation or cause a miscarriage. Fibroids located just under the lining of the womb can sometimes cause the distension of the womb as it grows to accommodate the growing baby. In turn, this can cause an early delivery. In addition, fibroids can sometime bleed during the second trimester of pregnancy and although this can be painful, treatment is rarely needed. Other issues revolve around overcrowding, which might cause the fibroids to press on the bladder or other internal organs causing problems as the baby grows larger.

As you can see, most problems occur after conception, rather than with conception itself so rather than wondering how to get pregnant with fibroids, it may be worth considering what you can do to shrink your fibroids before you try to conceive.