How to Get Pregnant Fast Using Su-Jok Therapy

Su Jok therapy is a powerful discovery by a Korean scientist Prof. Park Woo who after many years clinical experience developed a new acupuncture system using just hands and feet. Su Jok is easy to learn and the speed of response is often dramatic.

The main advantage of this system is that it can be used efficiently at home by people by themselves if they know the corresponding points on their hands and feet. By corresponding points I mean special points on your hands and feet which correspond with body organs. By stimulating these points you can improve the function of any organ including sexual and reproductive organs.

It was found that Su Jok can be very effective for gynaecological problems including stimulation of fertility in women and men.

To get pregnant fast according to Su-Jok therapy you basically need to stimulate fertility points on your hands or feet. Also, you should stimulate the corresponding points of other organs which may stop you from becoming pregnant. For example, if thyroid problems stop you from getting pregnant you should stimulate their corresponding points as well as the corresponding points of the reproductive organs.

From a practical point of view Su-Jok has two corresponding system:

– Main corresponding system

– Insect corresponding system

If an organ is ill or not functioning properly, it will be represented as a point of pain under pressure on the hands and feet. The pain is there because on the point that corresponds to the organ, a small amount of lactic acid is present.

The point of pain can be pinpointed through a pointed blunt instrument, such as a tip of the pencil or special diagnostic probe, but it should not pierce the skin.

To become pregnant fast the most common organs for Su-Jok stimulation are the uterus and ovaries.

The Uterus corresponding points are located:

– on the hands – between the third and the fourth finger,

– on the feet – between the third and the fourth toes.

Ovaries corresponding points are located:

– just below the base of the third and the forth fingers,

– Just at the base of the third and the forth toes.

To find the exact spot it is always better to see a schematic picture of the points on the hands and the feet.

In Su Jok literature, there are examples of fibroid of the uterus disappearing after three sessions (three days of treatment) and the woman becoming pregnant straight after that.

Severe cases of endometriosis have been cured with Su-Jok and women were able to conceive soon after.

Cases of unexplained infertility can be helped easily with Su-Jok therapy. For unexplained infertility you should stimulate the points of the uterus and the ovaries together.

The points can be stimulated with the point of a pen or pencil, seeds, or magnets.

To conclude, our investigations demonstrate a high effectiveness for the Su Jok method to deal with disorders of the reproductive organs in both sexes.

The method is absolutely safe, has no complications and can be recommended to anyone who wants to improve their reproductive function naturally. There is no contraindication with Su-Jok therapy and it can complement any other treatments.

Becoming pregnant with Su Jok is fun and easy.