How to Get Over Your Ex With a Smooth Ending


Almost all of us went through teenage years and experienced how it felt to be loved, to love and the like. Crushes are very common during this time and so are heartaches and break ups. When a person falls in love, almost always we give it our best shot and tend to forget leaving something for ourselves. We allow ourselves to be so engrossed and hooked with the one we treasure the most. Admit it, almost every one of us have tried becoming blind, deaf and impervious to what other people may say or do because of love.

Being in love has its advantages and disadvantages; people who are in love are always inspired and feel they can do anything because of love. But what if that love suddenly vanished, leaving you sad, mournful and very depressed? Is there still a way to come right back up and face the world again? The answer is yes! We all have been there and a lot has survived. It's just a matter of positive attitude and outlook in life on how to get over your ex. It is not the end of the world yet and here are some simple guidelines in doing it.

Step 1:
Acceptance. You should accept the fact that you and your partner are really over. There is no turning back once you really accept that it is the end. It would be easier for the both of you and mostly yourself if you conclusively end all your hopes of having reconciliation with your ex. You should be able to put in your mind that you must go separate ways and live your life without your partner.

Step 2:
Find a way for release. This is meant as a positive one. A lot of people tend to go drinking and take drugs once they are depressed, but what they do not know is that they are just adding another problem in their life. Write your ex a last letter telling them everything you are feeling, all the sad, negative and cheesy things you would want to say. After that, look at the letter for the last time and separate yourself from it then burn it. Of course you would not be giving it to your ex or else all this crap on how to get over your ex will be useless.

Step 3:
Practice your freedom. This is the best and last thing that you should do. A lot of things has been stripped from you when you were still in a relationship. Go out and have fun, drink with your friends and flirt with other people. It does not necessarily mean that you have to sleep with everyone that you meet, just mingle and enjoy every little thing that goes your way. Go to the places you have never gone to. Explore and do a new hobby, believe me this would make wonders. Just remember there are a lot of things you can do on how to get over your ex, you just need to open your eyes and believe that it's possible.