How To Get Clear Skin – The Secret To Gorgeous Skin

Appearance and personality go a long way in the world today. Wherever you go, the first impression a person has of you is based on your looks and the way you carry yourself. A good skin will be a boon to your appearance. When you look good, your confidence will bring out the best in your personality. You can make a lasting impression wherever you go. You just need the right advice on how to get clear skin.

The way to clear skin

Although the statement, "Your type of skin depends on your genes," is true we should not give up hope of getting a clear skin. You can not change your skin type but through proper care and treatment you can make it to look its best.

Diet to clear skin

The type of diet you follow has an impact on your skin. A diet high on fried and fatty food would lead to the outbreak of pimples. You should avoid chocolate, food and drinks, which have a cocoa base, fatty fried food and starchy food like cakes, biscuits, sweets and jams. A diet high in protein is encouraged as it is considered a pimple fighter. You can include fish, poultry and egg white in your diet. You should also drink lots of water. Fruits and salads can be a blessing for your skin.

The effects of the sun

Sun causes the maximum damage to your skin. Intense exposure to the sun can produce symptoms of aging. The sun dehydrates your skin and causes freckles, marks, pigmentation, spots and wrinkles. The cure lies in protecting your skin from the sun. You should avoid long and direct exposure to the sun. You should always use a sunscreen before leaving the house.

Tips to get clear skin.

1. You should never leave make up on overnight.

2. Always exfoliate your skin daily using a delicate scrub. A popular and effective home recipe is to use a tablespoon of sugar or oatmeal.

3. Regularly give yourself facials. Try using natural masks.

4. You should never forget to moisturize your skin.


Your skin reflects your mind. When you are happy, an inner glow makes your face shine the way no cream could. So enjoy life, be happy, follow the tips and have fun and confuse your admirers with your age.