How to Fix Stuttering

Many people around the world, both young and old, struggle with stuttering. Most of these stutterers will more than likely avoid conversations with anyone for fear of embarrassing themselves. Often times they will avoid people altogether and not interact with anyone. They don’t know how to fix stuttering so they become hermits.

Though it is a huge problem with many people, it is possible to learn how to fix stuttering. In fact, it is highly likely to completely cure stuttering all together with just a few simple techniques. Imagine a life free of fear and embarrassment. I would like to take a moment and show you three of the most popular ways to fix stuttering.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy has become a huge industry over the years. Practitioners claim they can fix stuttering through psychology and counseling. Although therapy cannot guarantee that you will fix your speech problem, there have been reports from many stutterers claiming that it does in fact work.

Like most therapy around the world, speech therapy can put a real hurt on the wallet. Most of these speech therapists charge by the hour and most of the prices are a couple of hundred dollars. When you are trying to cure stuttering with therapy it may take a couple of weeks or some months to even come close to fixing the problem. To make the expense worse, many times speech therapist can’t even fix stuttering. So you spend all this money for nothing.


when learning how to fix stuttering, visualization may be the only cure you need. This technique uses a more positive approach than others. All you do is visualize that you don’t stutter. You clear your mind from the stress that surrounds you and tell yourself that you do not have a speech impediment. Begin to think of what you want to say before you actually say it. The idea behind visualization is to convince yourself that you do not have a stutter.

Visualization can work but you have to have a lot of self confidence and the right guidance for it to be effective, and most stutterers don’t have any confidence so learning how to fix stuttering becomes a problem.


one of the most popular treatments for stuttering is hypnotherapy. First you need to find a therapist that has a good track record. Basically, what these therapist due is they hypnotize the stutterer and tell them not to stutter anymore. There is not too much that I can say in regards to hypnotherapy other than people around the world use this to fix stuttering. Be sure to search for a good therapist or you will spend a lot of your money for nothing.

If you want to learn how to fix stuttering, speech therapy, visualization, and hypnotherapy can put you on the road to recovery. These techniques, if done correctly, can fix your stuttering issue. You can now go through life without having to feel embarrassed or ridiculed. Enjoy your life free from stuttering!