How to Fix Premature Ejaculation Fast

How To Fix Premature Ejaculation? A large number of the couples I have met are always have something to say about their sex life. Well and good, this is a shared aspect of life that we must never run away from if we want the continued existence of the human race. But one issue that is constantly mentioned is how to fix premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is the unfortunate situation where one of two parties having sex has an orgasm before the other. By this basic definition you must know how and why it is a serious problem amongst couples. Generally this problem can be fixed without using chemicals with side effects or even surgery. Natural methods are used to treat and fix this problem.

How To Fix Premature Ejaculation – The best thing to do if your ejaculation is prompted to early is reverse stimulation. By using common sense you should realize that it is only over-stimulation that causes this. Try as much as possible to pinch your penis every time you feel like you are going to reach orgasm. BY so doing you ward off the heightened feeling of pleasure and sort of have to start all over again. But this is not the only way.

Before having sex you must masturbate yourself. Whilst this might seem unnatural as opposed to the real thing it has more chances of working than any other method you are going to implement. When you do this your penis or vagina takes longer to be over-aroused and this thereby prolongs sexual intercourse. The end result is that you will both be pleasured by the act of sex.

Generally it helps a great deal to talk to your partner about anxiety stresses you might be fostering quietly in your head. By expressing your fears you put her in the know and she will in all likelihood understand and put conscious efforts to avoiding the obvious.