How to Fix Performance Anxiety

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, chances are it's a result of performance anxiety. To fix performance anxiety, you should first have a solid understanding of it. In most cases, it commonly affects those inexperienced at sex, insecure with themselves, or uncomfortable with their partner. It occurs when you become so nervous that your body starts pumping out adrenaline. This triggers a "fight or flight" response, which ceases the majority of blood flow from the penis and redirects it to more important muscles and organs in the body.

That's the technical aspect of it. The psychological aspect, which in my opinion is even worse, is that the whole thing is a never-ending cycle. You're so nervous about having sex that you can not get hard. The next time you try having sex, you know you will not be able to get hard, so you still can not, and that makes things even worse. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help fix it:

* Communication : One of the most important things you can do with your partner is to communicate. Talking with him / her and letting them know the situation will instantly relieve a massive amount of tension. Knowing that they understand the issue and that it's not their fault will make both parties feel much better.
* Comfort : Becoming comfortable with yourself and your partner is a product of communication. It's the resulting outreach of communication, but a little more broad. If you're unsure with how you look then your mind is going to be subconsciously telling your body that sex is not what you want to do. You have to overcome these insecurities by taking yourself out of your comfort zone with confidence.
* Focus : Keeping your focus on sex will help immensely. The majority of the time when suffering from performance anxiety, it's all your focusing on (how you CAN NOT maintain an erection). Instead, try your best to keep calm, do not let your muscles tense up, and direct 100% of your attention at the act itself. Focus on how good it feels and even better, focus on the sexiest fantasy you can think of.